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The ICLO Teaching and Research Center counts 6 different Surgery wet Labs for a total of 42 working stations. All Labs are fully dedicated to teaching and surgery training and each one has its own briefing room along with its changing room with direct access to the working stations. All the stations can be equipped with a CCTV camera in order to record surgeons’ practical sessions or screen them on LCD screens placed in all the labs as well as on the main screen placed in the conference hall. The Facility offers surgeons, scientific societies, medical device manufacturers and researchers in the medical field, the ideal space and equipment to improve and perfect their practical and surgical experience; we can also guarantee a very confidential environment.

All laboratories, briefing rooms and the conference hall are linked with the most advanced audio/visual technology allowing interaction and participation during the surgical demonstrations and educational activities where requested. Qualified personnel prepare the laboratories, offer their assistance during dissection and clean and sterilize instruments and all surfaces at the end of each session. The Centre’s Management will be able to assist you in planning whatever course you may have in mind. The labs, the technological equipment, the services connected to the courses as well as the specimens will all be carefully organized keeping in mind the participants real needs and to streamline the costs.

Our Equipe

Qualified personnel specifically trained for the lab setting, the specimen handling, and assistance during the surgical practice will help throughout the activities. All the labs are equipped with basic surgery instruments for several surgical needs. A wide range of “fresh frozen” specimens is always available to allow the best surgical practice and technique improvement. Any kind of specimen and possible treatment is also available upon request. The scientific data developed throughout the course can be immediately elaborated to create teaching support like CDs or papers, these can be made immediately available to the attendees at the end of the activities. All scientific contents can be further implemented and processed in order to create a complete educational path, to be uploaded on the e-learning platform of the ICLO Center.

Conference Hall

The facility has a main Conference hall which can comfortably seat up to 90 people. The hall is equipped with all the latest audio-video systems and has a control room which can connect with each of the 6 labs or briefing room for maximum interactivity. Before, during and after the activities in the hall and in all labs IT personnel will always attend in order to support the development of the course.

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Last update January 2019